Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Why does my garage door re-open when I am trying to close it?

This occurs most commonly due to your garage door being incorrectly balanced. Your garage door operates on a spring tension system and over time the springs lose their tension resulting in the garage door becoming heavier. Garage door motors have a safety sensitivity function which detects the increased resistance resulting in the motor reversing and reopening the garage door. The solution is to have your garage door serviced regularly to keep it correctly balanced.

Q. Why won't my garage door open with my remote?

There are various reasons why this would be occurring such as a flat battery or faulty remote, a problem with the garage door motor, a broken sectional spring or the door being in manual mode. We will run through various diagnostic techniques with you over the phone to try to determine the actual issue before we attend so the repair can be completed in a timely manner.

Q. How do I open my garage door in a power failure?

Your garage door motor can be changed into manual mode so that you can lift the door manually in the event of a power outage. Pull the manual release cord (usually a red cord) hanging from the motor rail which will disengage the motor allowing the door to move independently. In most cases of power outage your garage door will be in the closed position but if it is in the open position with no power ensure you or someone else keeps hold of the garage door when pulling the manual release cord to avoid the door closing unexpectedly. If you find the garage door very heavy to lift in manual mode it is an indication it requires servicing to be correctly balanced.

Q. What brands of garage doors and motors do you service?

Having 28 years’ experience in the garage door industry has given Darren the opportunity to work with all brands of garage doors and motors available in Australia throughout that time. This extensive knowledge means in some cases we are able to offer repair solutions where other garage door companies have not.

Q. How do I keep my garage door operating smoothly?

Regular servicing is essential to keep your garage door and motor operating correctly. We recommend professional servicing every 2 years complimented by regular minor maintenance procedures undertaken by the owner every 3-6 months as below:

  • Lubricate wheels, hinges, cables and springs with a garage door spray available from hardware stores. We do not recommend using heavy grease for lubrication as it tends to attract dust and dirt and can actually inhibit the operation of these components.
  • Test your garage door is correctly balanced by putting it into manual mode and lifting to halfway open, if the door stays balanced at the halfway point it is weighted correctly but if it starts to drop on its own it requires servicing as it has become too heavy.
  • Your garage door should open and close easily and smoothly whilst in manual mode. If there is any sticking or resistance felt it can be an indication the springs or other components require adjusting.
  • Check your lifting cables for any sign of fraying, kinking or rust. If any damage is noted we recommend having the cables replaced to avoid them snapping unexpectedly.
  • Keep your garage door clean from dirt, dust and spider webs to ensure all moving parts are free from obstruction. You can wash the outside of your garage door with a mild soapy solution rinsed off gently with your garden hose. Make sure you re-lubricate the garage door after washing.